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Tips for Renting a Home/Apartment During The Pandemic

While the coronavirus pandemic has been a huge struggling time for everyone globally, it has brought a few benefits. One major benefit is the drop in the rates of some specific services. While we saw a major spike in the rates of food and healthcare supplies, there was also a downfall in the home and apartment rents.
Amazingly, for all the new and young renters who want to move to a larger city, this is the best time to make that move. Now obviously, this pandemic isn't the best time to move to a new place. Yet, if you don't seek benefit from this decrease in rents and move to a major city in the US, then it's certainly a waste for you. Besides, even with the timely ups and downs, we are all trying to manage our daily work.
Sure, there may be plenty of changes in everyone’s life since the pandemic started, but you still need to live and work, right? So why not do that in a place you desire to live in, while spending less on the rent?

What does expert research show?

According to the real-estate data site Apartment list's monthly report, the national rent ratio fell to 0.4%. Even though this fall in rents isn't common everywhere, most major cities had a downfall in home and apartment rents. So undoubtedly, you can get great (budget-friendly) deals on rents if you move to any large US city like Washington. Now, if we look at the fall in the rents in Washington, expert research shows that the rents reduced at a rate of 10.7% (ranging from March 2020 – October 2020). With all these reports, it's hard to be certain about the future increase in rents anytime soon. Besides, the situation hasn't yet been fully resolved. So the ongoing pandemic makes it obvious that these big city rents wouldn't increase anytime soon. That is why this is certainly the right time for you to move to Spokane, Washington, and benefit from the decreased rents. Wait! In case you are a new or young renter opting to move out during this pandemic and avail of this benefit, we have some tips for you to get started in the right way! So let's go ahead and explore how you can settle in a suitable rented home/apartment in Spokane, Washington.

4 Tips to Consider Before Renting a Home/Apartment

You can consider many things and look into them before looking for an apartment or home for rent. But, to make sure that your first experience isn't confusing, these 4 tips are enough to help you make the right decision. It includes:

Don’t forget about the homework:

Large cities like Spokane, Washington have plenty of neighborhoods that offer rental homes and apartments. So the options of a rental property can be vast. However, you can't make a blind decision since it's supposed to be where you will live for a few years or more (if things go right). Start your homework about the rental home/apartments by understanding the right type of neighborhood for choosing the home/apartment. Additionally, you can look into the options available in the market. If we look at the rental apartment situation, many small apartments have more vacancies. Hence, if you choose a market (like the small apartments market) that has a great vacancy; you can expect good negotiability. Doesn't that sound like a smart plan? Don't forget to try it out then!

Ask for negotiation:

Smart and experienced renters may know plenty of tactics to negotiate the rent of an apartment or home. But since we're here to help the new and young renters, it's hard for you to know all those tactics. Now we're not here to teach some of them to you. Instead, our huge advice for the young and new renters is to simply ask about the negotiation. While using smart and clever ways can be interesting, you can't be sure whether they will always help you stand on the right foot. So why take any risk when you can simply ask the landlords for negotiation? Besides, we do miss the chances we don't take. Therefore, instead of being shy, keep that fear aside and ask about the chances of negotiation directly to the landlords.

Look for other ways of negotiation:

At times, landlords don't agree to lower the rent. It can be due to their listing of property with already discounted rates. For this reason, you may get a straight no for a negotiation on the rent. That doesn't mean that you should think that it's the final offer and nervously accept the offer. Instead, you should look into other services involved in the apartment/home rental agreement. Since the pandemic has hit everyone badly, it's better to save your investment in any way you can. So look into the home/apartment deal and ask for negotiation in other things that involve any kind of investment from you. Just find options for negotiation other than rent, and talk to the landlord about other negotiation possibilities. Don’t give up so soon!

Show your interest:

The easiest way to send your proposal for any home or apartment rental can be a basic email. Yet, no matter how much you express your desire to rent a property in that email, showing interest through digital media and being physically present is different. Sure, you might feel hesitant to do this initially, but it's way better than sending emails to the landlord or broker. Hence, it's better to stay on the right foot by reaching out and examining the property yourself. Plus, don't forget to be kind to the landlords (your attitude shouldn't be a reason to make the deal off).


Even at times like these, when the rents in most large cities have reduced, you can still face a struggle while making the right deal. Besides, being a new or young renter shouldn't be the reason why you end up making a bad deal of the home/apartment you choose. Yet, the situation is financially tough for everyone. So while some deals may seem cheap to you, you can’t be sure that the landlords aren’t trying to get more from you. When the landlords are also focused on making good money with reduced rents, be sure that you are benefiting from this situation as much as possible. For that, using these four major and basic ways can help you stay out of the complexities and still make a good deal. So go ahead, try them out, and move to large cities on a lower rent. It’s time you grab the opportunity while you can!