Who we are

Yosef: 25, Whitworth alum. Denver native and Co-Founder of Bluejay. Growing up I’ve had the opportunity to live in over 5 different states and an even greater number of cities. I learned quickly that location meant everything and that who my landlord was made all the difference in my living situations. This thought process eventually led to the genesis of Bluejay, an online platform to review and rate landlords! A platform to finally empower tenants and provide reliable information about housing properties and landlords.

Nico: 25 , Whitworth alum. San Francisco native and Co-Founder of Bluejay. With the exception of my college years, the majority of my life has been spent in California. I was able to see first-hand that rent rates were unforgiving and the landlords even moreso. The creation of Bluejay was largely influenced by my experiences -- I want to provide transparency to those who are struggling to find accurate and pertinent information about rental properties and landlords.

No matter what stage of the home journey you may be in, we’re here to empower you by making all things home simple, efficient, and enjoyable.